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Creating Art for Christmas

No better way to start the afternoon than with a latte while I get some work done.

Christmastime is one of my favorite times of the year and I adore creating art for the season. The mug and napkins are older pieces called "Holiday Garden Collection".

I've always wondered where Amaryllis flowers come from and I found this great article Learn America.

"Around 1828, a young doctor Uduard Frederich Poepping was hunting for plants in Chile. In this expedition, he spotted very vibrant blooms on a Chilean mountain. Beauty of Amaryllis flowers He was amused by their beauty and is said to have shouted with joy at the spectacular sight of the beautiful amaryllis flowers.

The name amaryllis flowers are based on the name of Greek Mythology- Amaryllis is the name of a Greek Shepherdess. The amaryllis flowers later reached Europe where they were hybridized. The hybridizers from Holland experimented with the different varieties of the Amaryllis flowers and made the large-flowered amaryllis flowers that can be seen today."

Amaryllis blooms are challenging to paint but worth the effort! What is your favorite holiday flower?


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